Drillbot is a robot on a planetary station whose job is to go out and look for lost resources. However, these are hidden under the ground, so he has to find them with radar and drill them out—all that with limited energy.

How to play

Use your radar to find the resources. When you are close enough use drill to get them from the ground before you are out of energy. Avoid mines.

Try to finish three rounds of collecting resources as fast as you can.


  • Arrows or WSAD for movement
  • Space to drill
  • Shift to dash (costs additional energy)


  • Jakub Kopřiva
  • Jakub Mirovský
  • Jan Slifka

Music: Earthquake, Anthony Earls


Drillbot was created during Global Game Jam 2021, and its source code is publicly available on GitHub.


Drillbot_Windows.zip 45 MB
Drillbot_MacOSX.zip 54 MB

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